Homeboy Sandman

Posted on: December 15th, 2020 by Marcus No Comments

Homeboy Sandman is one of the freshest talents in hip-hop who smashed a sold-out Cargo back in March. Sandman’s musical journey began after dropping out of Law School after three years to pursue a career in rap, so you can see why his perspective might be a little different from your typical rapper. A voice against fraudulent politicians, relationship miscues, and the inevitable haters hating because he was “down to skip a meal or two” Sandman’s lyrical style has been described by some as slow and deliberate, like a pro hitting key spots on a dart board.

Sandman’s latest EP “All That I Hold Dear” is yet another homerun for the homeboy. As incisive as ever, stream-of-consciousness rhymes shade in the complexities of any given theme. Sandman rides the beat like a champ with his usual lyrical prowess, with artful, hysterical, disobedient hip-hop that you can dance to. “Can’t nobody rhyme like me and I get respect from all walks of life on this planet. Rich to poor, this color to that, because I show love for real, and I’m not scared. Peace” – Sandman, we cannot wait to see you back in London.

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